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Boost your Hiring Process

CATEO is centered around the needs of candidates, streamlining hiring workflows, and empowering recruiters with data-driven insights to optimize their recruitment efforts.

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How it works

Effortlessly Implement Your ATS

Connect your current ATS and synchronize open positions, applications and candidate information on your CATEO Dashboard.

Individualize Your Hiring Dashboard

Create various Widgets which allow you to make each application flow individual.
Use for example Videos, FAQ’s, Feedback Forms and more to give each open job a unique application flow.

Boost your candidate experience

Your candidates see the application process and their current status. They can schedule interviews, see the next steps and pending to-dos. All on one page.


Our Features

Schedule Interviews

Connect your calendar tools to actively involve applicants in the recruiting process from the very beginning. Offer your Candidates possible dates where they can choose from. Instantly blocked and booked in your Calendar.


Employer branding starts from the moment the candidate applies for a job. Every job position is individual and so is your Hiring Dashboard with our widgets. Add or remove any widget for each position, make it customized and streamlined for every candidate.

All in One Solution

Hire Faster - CATEO gives you an overview about the Status Quo: Streamline Interview Scheduling, Ensure Quick Candidate Communication, and Provide Timely Feedback - All in One Place

More Insights

We provide you with insights from your application processes. With the data you can improve your application process, hire faster and more efficiently.



Free Trial

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Create one job position for free and test it out.

Limited access to the generated data.

Limited access to widgets and creation.



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Full access to data insights.

Full access to widgets and creation.


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Unlimited access to every feature.


About Us

At Cateo, we understand that finding the perfect job or candidate can be an emotional journey. That’s why we’re passionate about revolutionizing the hiring process with our innovative software. Thanks to our collaboration with MVST Ventures, we’re able to provide a product that is at the forefront of modern technology. Our goal is to help recruiters and candidates alike, by streamlining the application process and offering a seamless candidate experience. We believe that the hiring process should be about more than just ticking boxes and filling quotas. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create a product that puts the candidate at the heart of the process. By giving candidates full transparency, we’re empowering them to make informed decisions and take control of their own journey.


API Integrations



Create your CATEO account and connect your ATS. That's it. We'll give you all the necessary information through the CATEO dashboard, so you can make your application process more transparent for candidates.
We provide various subscription options that vary in cost based on the number of active job positions. If you don't have any active job positions, there is no fee. We only charge you when you use CATEO and receive value from it.
If your ATS is not listed, feel free to write us and we will try our best to implement it as fast as possible. If you have your own ATS system, you can still use CATEO. Click on the premium subscription and we will schedule a call with you.
We use the data gathered from your application process to provide you with more information and feedback directly from the candidates. This gives you a better understanding of your application process and how to improve it. In the future, we will implement a machine learning model that will give you individual AI suggestions on what you could do better to make your application as efficient as possible.